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Tea Culture in China

Tasting tea and accomodate guests is the elegant entertainment and communication activity of Chinese people. Sitting in tea house and leisurely talking when drinking tea is the Chinese social activity of tea. Chinese tea art is famous all over the world, and it had been introduced into Japanese and formed into Japanese sado in Tang Dynasty.So China is the homeland of tea.

Tea producing, tea drinking has a history of thousands of years, There are many famous variants, mainly Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea, White Tea, yellow tea. Tea could help people keep health, and to some extent, plays a role of medicine. In the mean time, it could be appreciated and could mold people`s feelings.

If infusing tea with different water, different tea ware or even different technics, the tea would looks and tastes differently. Our country has accumulated rich experiences in infusing tea from acent time.

Making a pot of strong tea between busy works, you taste the tea by yourself at a quiet spot. Then you could move away your fatigue and annoyance, and even could inspire you. Or your spirituel could reach a more noble artistic world when you enjoy the nice feeling by tasting tea slowly and attentively.


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